Established in 2007, and with locations in Los Angeles and Detroit

Atlante is a full-service solutions organization that develops and manages strategic growth opportunities for our clients with an emphasis on improving the customer experience.


Atlante prides itself on carrying the weight of strategic change initiatives for companies worldwide seeking growth or transformation.


Our data-driven approach and in-depth industry knowledge and experience

enable us to address the needs of our clients from top to bottom throughout the organization.

We are an experienced team of industry experts that efficiently provide insightful analysis and meaningful action.

Members of our team have worked with major global and emerging companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We help clients to make and keep more money through…


Our team works with clients to enable and optimize Customer Experience initiatives through every step of the journey. Our practitioners are not only thought leaders, but they also have real world experience managing the people, processes, and technologies that enable great customer experiences. We help companies improve performance across a wide range of areas from the development of strategy and action planning, through implementation and continuous improvement.


The Challenge

As a result of two merged entities, and an opposing approach to the same retail network, our client wanted to align their strategic initiatives behind one common strategy either product focused or customer focused.

The Solution

As a result of our interactions, research and understanding of the marketplace, Atlante realigned their retail operations with a focus on the customer experience. We developed and piloted processes and tools that enabled frontline employees and their associated store and field managers to focus on customers’ needs that were supported by incentives and accurate reporting of the ultimate customer experience.

The Outcome

Within 90 days of initial implementation, this client achieved quarter-over-quarter improvement, ultimately achieving #1 ranking in customer satisfaction as measured by J.D. Power and Associates. In addition, they had significantly improved their financial returns as measured by a marked reduction in customer turnover.


Our digital transformation services help our clients create efficiencies across people, processes and technologies. We provide strategic and tactical solutions in big data analytics, cybersecurity and the interconnectivity of technology and the customer experience allowing our clients to move, expand, collaborate, consolidate, innovate and disrupt for a global competitive advantage.


The Challenge

Our client wanted to leverage its technology and software development skills to access big data and build new frontline applications to provide greater transparency in service options, thereby driving additional revenue while enhancing the customer experience.

The Solution

Atlante advised the client on key problems its customers faced, determining which data sources were available and which methods would best allow them to access data from disparate databases. Subsequently, we created a strategy along with a detailed implementation process showing them how to market and price their products, and have facilitated discussions with automotive executives to raise awareness of our client’s data-driven solutions.

The Outcome

Our strategy positioned new product and service offerings with the needs of the client’s customers as well as their end-users, engaging multiple new OEMs, aftermarket organizations, and service provider partners, resulting in new customers, increased revenue and profitability.


Our strategic services help clients define their products, services, markets, and pricing to establish competitive advantage to achieve financial goals. We help clients by designing and planning successful strategies for existing and start-up operations, at corporate and business unit levels, and for products, quality, marketing, and sales at the wholesale and retail level.


The Challenge

Our client wanted to create an operating plan to launch a new online and phone-based business model that would offer consumers a superior vehicle shopping and ownership experience.

The Solution

Atlante outlined a new business model, benchmarked current industry processes, identified execution partners, market trends, and strategic growth alternatives, ultimately helping our client by developing their operating strategy, start-up plans, and pro forma financials. In addition, we assisted them in their initial fund raising efforts and helped them prioritize their investments.

The Outcome

Based on Atlante’s strategy and tactical implementation methods, the client’s initial business had estimated revenues of $100M+, with significant add-on opportunities in the pipeline.


Our implementation services help clients organize and execute with consistent high performance utilizing standardized processes and procedures, as well as leading technology. We develop and tailor solutions to best fit the needs of the organization.


The Challenge

Our client needed interim leadership to restructure the company and build additional business around its core products – automotive service drive applications that improve efficiency, effectiveness, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

The Solution

Atlante provided an interim CEO and technical support staff to lead the restructuring efforts of this organization, including reorganizing personnel, implementing financial controls and reporting, uncovering and addressing the technical deficiencies of the existing programming code for their premier product offering, along with implementing processes to reconstruct current products and create new value-added products.

The Outcome

Through the efforts of Atlante’s interim team the organization was able to:

  • Increase sales and profit in first 90 days, 50% YoY growth
  • Improve cash flow within first 90 days
  • Improve employee morale
  • Position company for investment/acquisition


Established in 2007, and with locations in Los Angeles and Detroit, Atlante is a full-service solutions organization that develops and manages strategic growth opportunities for our clients with an emphasis on improving revenue, profit, and the customer experience.

Our consultants are an experienced analytical team of strategy and change management experts that positions us to efficiently maximize the data gathering and provide actionable insights.

Our consultants travel as required to conduct the work and we manage the engagement either onsite or from our offices, utilizing proven tools and technology to keep the project on time and on budget.

We strive to find the optimal solution for our client’s unique environment and needs, whether that means further deploying our resources, leveraging the client’s resources, or engaging another firm that is best suited to help our client.

Atlante works in collaboration with a number of well-established organizations to provide depth of subject matter expertise and breadth of coverage to enable us to provide scalable, actionable, impactful solutions.


Standard Services:

  • One-day Strategic Plan
  • 30-60-90-day Action Plans
  • Alignment Assessment
  • Training
  • Auditing and Continuous Improvement

Custom Tailored Solutions:
Each Client has unique circumstances and we bring our decades of experience and knowledge, combined with tried-and-true methodologies, to provide the exact solution to solve the Client’s issue.




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